Most Selling Music Of All Time

most selling music

That old ritual of approaching a store to buy topselling music, with all the ceremony that implied, seems to be forgotten now that anyone can access their favorite topselling music with just a click on their computer. With the album as a devalued object, this is as good a time as any other to remember those old jewels that live in millions of homes around the world, scattered in copies that once someone, oh, paid money to a shopkeeper. That’s why we went on to review these topselling music of…

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Music of the 00’s

music 00

The late 20th century was a phenomenal time for music as aspects such as technology and the usage of computers had started to break barriers. Certain genres which primarily relied on instruments were being influenced by technological innovation. This lead towards the evolution of music and provided the foundations that ultimately shaped up music of the 00’s. Auto-tune which was developed in the 90’s but was rarely used came on the scene with a bang. Even rock banks and hip-hop artists started using auto-tone in certain portions of their songs.…

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Top Pop Songs that Every 90s Kids Will Remember

90 pop songs

Every time you go on a long drive, do you still prefer listening to Bryan Adams, or Enrique Iglesias? You are not alone; all the 80s and most of the 90s kids love this music. This was the time when our favorite music channels like MTV and Channel V started airing music round the clock. The contemporary pop music saw a rise of legends like Madonna, Britney Spears, and bands like Backstreet Boys, Boyzone reach the pinnacle. Let us take a walk down the memory lane retracing some of the…

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