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most selling music

That old ritual of approaching a store to buy topselling music, with all the ceremony that implied, seems to be forgotten now that anyone can access their favorite topselling music with just a click on their computer. With the album as a devalued object, this is as good a time as any other to remember those old jewels that live in millions of homes around the world, scattered in copies that once someone, oh, paid money to a shopkeeper.

That’s why we went on to review these topselling music of all time, a classification led by a huge advantage by that terrifying Michael Jackson, who edited his classic Thriller in 1982, becoming for the rest of the days the true King of Pop.

MICHAEL JACKSON: THRILLER (1982), topselling music, has estimated sales of 65 million units, although if we consider the reissue for its 25th anniversary and all the pirated copies, we could almost say that it’s present in all the families of the planet.

PINK FLOYD: THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON (1973)- with an estimated sales of 50 million copies, it is the most successful album of Pink Floyd, the best selling rock album in history and the second best sold worldwide. A classical whose success helps to recover the faith in humanity!

AC/DC: BACK IN BLACK (1980) -after the death of Bon Scott, AC/DC returned with a new singer, Brian Johnson, to offer their most cathedral work, with whirling as Back in Black and Hells Bells. 45 million copies sold to give them the reason for topselling music too.

WHITNEY HOUSTON: THE GUARDAESPALDAS (1992) is one of the topselling artists -the original soundtrack of the movie of the same title starring Kevin Costner and Whitney. He released almost 45 million units across the globe and took the Grammy to record of the year (in it there are songs by other artists, but during those years of total success, Houston was’ literally ‘everywhere and appropriated’ the bodyguard ‘as a concept.

THE EAGLES: GREATEST HITS 1971-1975- this topselling compilation of all time is the work of The Eagles, who in just five years billed a handful of American rock classics like Take it easy, Desperado or One of these nights. 42 million people bought it.

FLEETWOOD MAC: RUMORS (1977) – singles as catchy as Go Your Own Way, Do Not Stop, Dreams and You Make Loving Fun are the culprits that Fleetwood Mac are part of the popular culture of our time and sold 40 million copies of Rumors.

FEVER OF SATURDAY NIGHT (1977) – the falsettos of the Bee Gees and the dances of John Travolta managed to bring almost 40 million people to record stores. In this topselling soundtrack, there are also tracks by Walter Murphy, Yvonne Elliman, Tavares, Kool, and The Gang, The Trammps and KC & Sunshine Band.

Lastly, with the steady increase in music streaming, which leads to fewer album sales in the current music industry, thrillers and the other reviewed topselling music here are likely to be safe for album sales in their top spots of all time.

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